The highly water-repellent, super durable, jeans-inspired Montero Trousers transition seamlessly from bike to crag to urban wear.

Made from stretchy, fast-drying Windproof Denim by Nikwax® with renewable water-repellency. Ventilation zips and subtle reflective details add multifunctionality.


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  • PFC*-free water repellent finish
    (*per and polyfluorinated compounds)
  • Fully recyclable through Páramo.

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The Montero Trousers offer year round functionality across mountain and urban environments.

If you regularly switch between adventurous weekend trips and daily city cycle commutes, you appreciate legwear that can do it all.

The Montero trousers provide the perfect fusion of robust mountain performance and urban style. 100% polyester Nikwax® Windproof Denim gives a 'jeans look' but significantly improves functionality: water-repellent, fast-drying, stretchy and UV protective. Discreet ventilation and subtle reflective detailing complete this multi-activity legwear.

The Montero Trousers are extremely robust and feature hidden thigh vents and subtle reflective details.

  • Robust design with reinforced stitching and rivets at high stress points.
  • Side zip venting for optimum temperature control.
  • Subtle reflective detailing on front and rear pockets and on internal side seam (visible when trouser hem is rolled up).

Nikwax® Windproof Denim is a water-repellent stretchy fabric that provides excellent moisture vapour transfer,

Nikwax Windproof Denim Fabric allowing your perspiration to escape. Comfortable when worn next to skin, this denim-inspired Windproof cuts the wind, deflects the rain and blocks harmful UV rays to protect you in all environments.

The water-repellency is renewable with Nikwax aftercare and the fabric is highly durable to survive all activities in all terrains.

For more detail about Nikwax Windproof Denim, click here.

Choose Montero Trousers for the style and fit of your favourite denim jeans with indispensable outdoor functionality.

The Montero Trousers use tough, water-repellent and fast-drying Nikwax® Windproof Denim fabric.

Their stretchy, articulated fit offers freedom of movement for a huge range of activities. The classic 4-pocket jeans styling features subtle reflective detailing on the pockets and inner leg seam, visible when the hem is rolled up.

Discreet mesh-lined thigh zips offer effective ventilation when required. The dense weave provides SPF 50+ UV protection.

In summary, the Montero Trousers are the perfect combination of functionality and style for multi-activity wear in urban or natural environments.

How will my Windproof Denim outperform standard denim?

Windproof Denim offers greater versatility, performance and practicality. Firstly, the fabric is water-repellent and fast-drying, unlike standard denim which holds on to water. Secondly, it is not only windproof but UV-proof and able to supply protection against biting insects because of the dense weave. Therefore, it can be used without discomfort in a very wide range of conditions.

Windproof Denim is also stretchy and combined with the clever articulated design can provide excellent ease of movement.

The fabric is extremely tough and durable, so suitable to use in many different environments without damage.

  1. Reinforced stitching and rivets at high stress points for added strength and durability.
  2. Reflective detailing on front and rear pockets and on internal side seam (when trouser hem is rolled up) to aid visibility.
  3. Side zip venting for optimum temperature control.
  4. 2 ‘jeans style’ hip pockets and 2 rear pockets for handwarming and storage.
  5. Clean, slim cut with stretch and articulation for maximum comfort and ease of movement.
  6. Zip button and fly ensures the trousers can be pulled on with ease.
  7. 5 belt loops to aid fit.
  8. SPF 50+ UV protection, blocking out almost all harmful rays.

What users say...

"What could I wear that was robust enough to keep up with long walking days, and breathable enough to keep me cool and comfortable? It was at that point I remembered my Páramo Montero trousers, until then consigned to a bag of outdoor kit that was waiting for happier times. It was quickly clear that they were up to the job. The side vents kept me cool, and the flat seams and smooth fabric ate up the miles without complaint or chafing. I even ordered another pair so I could rotate them.''

Jason Whyte

“During the last year I used the Montero trousers for over 200 days. These are my ultimate trousers! I wear them outdoors walking over rocks and in the forest, use them to bike - whilst in the evening I still wear them going to an official presentation at work. Dries fast - looks like a neat jeans - does hardly become dirty. It's light too. For the hot days - luckily - Páramo added two almost-invisible- vents in the legs.”

Jakob, Ecologizer from Belgium.

“I used a pair of these tough trousers over the course of a summer. This involved several rounds of Munros, trekking in Scandinavia and an extended trip in the demanding Arctic environment of Svalbard. I was impressed by their performance and comfort - one of the most comfortable pairs of trekking trousers I’ve worn. The range of movement in them was notable as well as weather resistance. Remarkable too is their durability, after a hard summer they still looked in good condition and had fared well in some tough places. If you’re looking for something a little bit different or want one pair of trousers to see you across a broad range of activities the Montero are worth a look!”

Mark Waring

In what kind of weather conditions can I use the Montero Trousers?

The Montero Trousers are an ideal three-season solution, thanks to the wind-resistant fabric with renewable water-repellency, UV protection and ventilation options.

The Montero Trousers will repel a light shower, but if heavy rain is forecast we recommend Páramo trousers using Nikwax® Analogy Waterproof fabric for full weather protection. In warm or humid weather, choose our Maui Trousers for a fast-drying, cooling effect.

Which garments should I use with my Nikwax® Windproof Denim to get optimum performance?

We recommend using our Parameta T+ underwear underneath the Windproof Denim legwear for maximum comfort.

These trousers will combine well with any of our baselayer, midlayer, windproof or waterproof tops.

Páramo clothing does not rely on hazardous PFC treatments for water repellency.

Working closely with Nikwax, we have developed a pioneering PFC-free treatment for our fleeces, waterproofs and windproofs. Recent studies show that PFC’s are persistent in the environment and are damaging to human health; which is why Nikwax waterproofing solutions are water-based, use no harmful solvents or propellant gases, contain no damaging PFC’s and are not tested on animals.
For more information on Páramo and PFC’s click here.

All Páramo garments are covered by our Recycling Scheme, which prevents them from ending up in landfill.

For every item of Páramo clothing you recycle with us, you will receive a voucher of (up to) £50, to use against a future purchase. Click here to find out more about recycling your Páramo...

What if I damage my Páramo clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your garment. If it is seriously damaged, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it repaired. Our Customer Service team can advise you.

What if I damage my Páramo clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your garment. If it is seriously damaged, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it repaired. Our Customer Service team can advise you.

We guarantee everything we make.

Páramo waterproof garments, maintained correctly with Nikwax, will outperform membrane and coating-based waterproof systems. The durable fabrics and high quality components used in our garments contribute to their longevity.

Under the terms of our Lifetime Guarantee, any manufacturing defect will be rectified, free of charge, for the life of the garment. Any damage by accident or normal ‘wear and tear’ can be repaired by our workshop at a reasonable cost.

To register a guarantee with us please click here.

Size To fit waist up to To fit leg length of
  cm in cm in
30R 76 30 79 31
32R 81 32 79 31
32L 81 32 84 33
34S 86 34 74 29
34R 86 34 79 31
34L 86 34 84 33
36S 91 36 74 29
36R 91 36 79 31
36L 91 36 84 33
38R 96 38 79 31
38L 96 38 84 33
40R 101 40 79 31
42R 106 42 79 31

Páramo Men's EASY FIT Size Guide Garments are specified using metric measurements, therefore the metric measurements in this chart are the most accurate. Imperial equivalents are rounded to the nearest half number.


Measurements relate to the body rather than garment measurements, for example a leg length measurement given here is for a person's leg length, not the actual leg length of the garment to reflect the fact that our garments are designed specifically for a number of different activities.

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