Durable, cool and lightweight cargo trousers for people who enjoy the outdoors or travelling in warmer conditions.

The Maui trousers use quick drying Parameta® A Cotton+ fabric. They combine excellent articulation for easy movement with pocketing for secure storage.


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  • PFC*-free water repellent finish
    (*per and polyfluorinated compounds)
  • Fully recyclable through Páramo.

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The Maui trousers are for people who need comfort and freedom of movement in a rugged pair of warm weather trousers.

During warm weather activities you need clothing that helps you stay cool while providing protection from harmful UV rays (UPF 50+) and biting insects. You also need secure storage for your walking and travel essentials.

The Maui trousers combine the cool, protective and durable Parameta A Cotton+ fabric with secure, hidden pocketing. They also ensure excellent freedom of movement for a wide range of warm weather activities.

The Maui Trousers provide secure storage and protection from the sun, wind and biting insects:

  • Unrestricted movement is provided by an articulated knee design and a shaped gusset.
  • Generous and secure storage from a rear zipped pocket, pleated map sized cargo pocket and two hip pockets.
  • Safe, hidden storage from a zipped passport-sized pocket within the cargo pocket.

Parameta® A fabrics are rapid evaporation fabrics that help to keep you cool and protect you in warm environments.

Parameta A FabricAll Parameta A fabrics wick very effectively, rapidly spreading perspiration over a large area to provide maximum evaporation in order to keep you cool at higher temperatures. It blocks virtually all damaging UV rays (UPF 50+), and the close weave deters biting insects.

Parameta A fabric comes in assorted weights to suit different requirements:

  • Parameta A Light for travel shirts (100% polyester)
  • Parameta A Cotton+ for legwear (cotton blended with modern synthetics for a rugged, fast-drying fabric).

For more detail about Parameta A, click here.

Choose the Maui Trousers for warm weather comfort and protection...

The Maui Trousers use rugged Parameta A Cotton+ fabric that is cool, lightweight and quick-drying and also protects you from harmful UV rays (UPF 50+). The 5 pockets provide ample storage while a clever design maximises comfort and freedom of movement. So expect warm weather protection coupled with useful pocketing in a travel-friendly package.

How will my Páramo Cotton+ garments outperform other travel outer wear?

The Nikwax Cotton+ fabric used for Páramo’s travel jackets and gilets provides superior performance for warm weather outerwear. The blend of cotton with modern synthetics provides the best qualities of both fabrics. More lightweight and fast-drying than many other comparable garments, they are tough, UV protective and highly wind resistant — ideal for load carrying in warm conditions.

  1. Fabric provides protection from UV rays (UPF 50+) and biting insects.
  2. Unrestricted movement from an articulated knee design and shaped gusset.
  3. OS Map sized cargo pocket with secure hook and loop fastening.
  4. Zipped passport sized internal pocket “hidden” within cargo pocket for secure storage of travel essentials.
  5. Secure zipped pocket on the rear provides additional storage.
  6. 2 front “jeans style” hand pockets.
  7. Easy to wash and quick to dry, ideal when travelling.
  8. Elasticated waist with belt loops for a secure and comfortable fit.

People who have bought the Men’s Maui Trousers say this about them...

“Just come back from a 2 weeks’ wildlife safari in Northern Tanzania. I have to say the Katmai Shirts and Maui Trousers were fantastic - really comfortable, washed easily, dried quickly and best of all, I didn't get a single insect bite! (I'm the one that insects usually love most). I can't recommend these garments high enough!”

J.P, North Yorkshire

“Great trousers with a very good fit, easy to slip on and feel comfortable. Light and cool material for the hot days of the year or trips to hot countries. An absolute recommendation.”

Benedikt, Munich

In what weather conditions can I use my Maui Trousers?

The lightweight Maui Trousers provide wind and UV protection (UPF 50+) so are ideal for warm weather activities. The fabric is quick drying, spreading moisture laterally to keep you cool. Because the fabric is not waterproof and is designed to wick, this garment is not suitable for cold, wet conditions. In this case we recommend a Nikwax Analogy® or Nikwax Wind Resistor pair of trousers.

Which garments should I use with my Parameta A Cotton+ garment to get optimum performance?

We recommend using our Parameta T+ underwear underneath these trousers for maximum comfort.

Trousers made of Parameta A Cotton+ are best paired with a Parameta T+ Baselayer or a travel shirt made of Parameta A fabric, which is also wicking and cooling.

Which garments should I use with my Nikwax Cotton+ garment to get optimum performance?

Nikwax Cotton+ is a lightweight, fast-drying fabric, providing protection from the wind, harmful UV rays and biting insects. It is designed to work in warmer conditions and does not offer any significant insulation.

It is particularly effective when combined with our ultra-cooling, high wicking Parameta® A travel shirts.

Alternatively it can be combined with any of our wicking baselayers using Parameta T, T+ or G.

All Páramo garments are covered by the Páramo Recycling Scheme, which prevents them from ending up in landfill.

For every item of Páramo clothing you recycle with us you will receive a voucher code of (up to) £50, which can be used against a future purchase.

Click here to find out more about recycling your Páramo.

What if I damage my Páramo clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your garment. If it is seriously damaged, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it repaired. Our Customer Service team can advise you.

What if I damage my Páramo clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your garment. If it is seriously damaged, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it repaired. Our Customer Service team can advise you.

We guarantee everything we make

The durable fabrics and quality components used in all our garments contribute to their longevity. Under the terms of our Lifetime Guarantee, any manufacturing defect will be rectified free of charge indefinitely, while damage to the garment by accident or normal ‘wear and tear’ can be repaired by our workshop at a reasonable cost. To register a guarantee click here.

We recommend Nikwax® aftercare to maintain all our garments. Please follow the washcare instructions given on your garment.

Size To fit waist up to To fit leg length of
  cm in cm in
S 76 30 79 31
MS 81 32 74 29
M 81 32 79 31
LS 91 36 74 29
L 91 36 79 31
LL 91 36 84 33
XL 101 40 79 31
XXL 111 44 79 31

Páramo Men's EASY FIT Size Guide Garments are specified using metric measurements, therefore the metric measurements in this chart are the most accurate. Imperial equivalents are rounded to the nearest half number.


Measurements relate to the body rather than garment measurements, for example a leg length measurement given here is for a person's leg length, not the actual leg length of the garment to reflect the fact that our garments are designed specifically for a number of different activities.

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