If you no longer need your Páramo, we'll take it back.

Paramo Recycling SchemePáramo is always looking for the path of least environmental impact. The Páramo Recycling Scheme is our way of providing a safe route for disposal of unwanted garments. We'll take back any Páramo product (except underwear), and either find it a new home, or recycle it into new fabric. As a reward for your effort in getting old gear back to us, you can expect a generous discount on new Páramo products.

What we do with your gear

Why recycle Polyester?

Up to £50 off your next purchase!

For maximum environmental benefit we need as many Páramo garments to be diverted from landfill as possible. That's why we're offering a reward for every old Páramo garment that we receive. If you return a garment labelled Nikwax Analogy, we'll give you a £50 discount on a new item worth more than £140 RRP. For any other Páramo garment you'll get a £10 discount on a new item worth more than £25 RRP.
( See full terms and conditions below )

How to participate

Recycling your Páramo garment is easy. You can either send it in by post, or hand it in personally at one of our participating retailers including our own Páramo Brand Stores or bring it along to a Páramo direct event.

By post...

In person...

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