Directional underwear which manages sweat and prevents damp. Designed for comfort and easy movement during energetic outdoor activities.

Cambia Micro shorts use the fast wicking, quick drying Parameta T+ fabric. Flat seams and stretch give comfort and unrestricted movement.


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  • Produced in Colombia by MIQUELINA, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. Guaranteed Fair Trade.
  • Fully recyclable through Páramo.

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Cambia Micro Shorts are for active outdoor people who do energetic activities.

If you participate in high energy activities such as cycling, running, climbing or mountain walking, you need to manage the sweat you produce to stay dry and comfortable. Damp underwear, especially cotton, is clingy and restrictive, and will make you feel cold when you stop moving.

The fast-wicking, directional Parameta T+ fabric rapidly transports moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable. The micro shorts’ design and construction makes them easy to move in without restriction.

Cambia Micro Shorts have flat seams and stretch for comfort

  • Freedom of movement provided by a contoured, yet stretchy design.
  • Flat seams prevent rubbing and irritation during exercise.

Parameta T+ is fast wicking and provides exceptional comfort.

Parameta T+ FabricIt is a rapid-drying, directional fabric that spreads moisture laterally to speed up evaporation of perspiration.

The textured, open face fabric surface is worn next to your skin, directing water away so you feel dry, but still evaporating excess water effectively.

For more detail about Parameta T+, click here.

Choose Cambia Micro Shorts because of their efficient moisture management next to the skin...

The Cambia Micro Shorts use high-wicking Parameta T+ fabric to create the perfect base for your directional clothing system. Moisture is continually directed away from the body to be picked up and transported outwards by your outer directional layers. The fast-drying, stretchy micro shorts are constructed with flat seams to give optimum comfort and freedom of movement.

You can expect excellent wicking performance and a high level of comfort from the Cambia Micro Shorts.

How will your Páramo® underwear outperform other underwear?

Cotton underwear will hang onto moisture and you will potentially feel uncomfortably cold and damp from perspiration during and after activity.

Most other technical underwear products only move moisture laterally across the fabric and don’t move it from one fabric face to the other, so won’t push moisture away from your body and as a result you’ll feel colder and less comfortable.

Páramo’s Parameta T+ underwear will give you greater comfort, keeping moisture away from your body when you need to stay dry.

  1. No more damp underwear, our Micro Shorts ensure Directionality from the inside out!
  2. Rapid wicking and drying base layer.
  3. Complete freedom of movement from stretchy fabric.
  4. Mid rise fit with soft elastic top which doesn't retain moisture.
  5. Flattering and comfortable leg length with no elastic to rub or chafe.
  6. Made from new Parameta T+.

What users say...

“I have recently returned from a month's volunteering in Galapagos islands, Ecuador where it was so humid it took days for clothes to dry. Fortunately, I had the foresight to pack my Cambia briefs and shorts (along with other Páramo products) and my quick-drying underwear was the envy of my fellow volunteers. It was also really comfortable to wear considering the nature of my work and the weather conditions. I can't recommend Páramo gear more highly.”

S.G, Kent

“Great to see that you have added Women's Micro Shorts to the Cambia range, much more comfortable to wear than briefs.”

A.P Cardiff

In what kind of weather conditions can I use my Cambia Micro Shorts?

The Cambia Micro Shorts can be used in any weather conditions, thanks to the nature of the Parameta T+ fabric.

In hot conditions, the fast wicking properties aid evaporation of sweat to provide cooling.

In cold conditions, when you’re wearing more layers, any liquid sweat or condensation is directed away from your body to protect your insulating air layer.

Which garments should I use with my Parameta® T+ underwear to get optimum performance?

The Parameta T+ fabric makes it an ideal base for your directional clothing system. It will allow your directional Parameta A or Parameta G baselayers to manage any perspiration generated during your outdoor activities, which in turn can be directed away by your chosen directional outer layer – a Nikwax Analogy Waterproof, a Nikwax Windproof, Nikwax Windproof Denim or Nikwax Fleece.

This garment is made by the charitable Miquelina Foundation.

Páramo’s ethical manufacturing partnership with the Miquelina Foundation in Bogotá, Colombia, has offered vulnerable women training and employment since 1992. This alliance has benefitted thousands of at-risk women in practical ways, helping them to build houses, and providing a kindergarten and canteen for their children. With Páramo’s support, Miquelina holds ISO 9001 accreditation, which assures dedication to quality. In 2017, Miquelina attained guaranteed Fair Trade status from the World Fair Trade Organisation. Click here for more information.

All Páramo garments are covered by our Recycling Scheme, which prevents them from ending up in landfill.

For every item of Páramo clothing you recycle with us, you will receive a voucher of (up to) £50, to use against a future purchase. Click here to find out more about recycling your Páramo...

What if I damage my Páramo clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your garment. If it is seriously damaged, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it repaired. Our Customer Service team can advise you.

What if I damage my Páramo clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your garment. If it is seriously damaged, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it repaired. Our Customer Service team can advise you.

We guarantee everything we make

The durable fabrics and quality components used in all our garments contribute to their longevity. Under the terms of our Lifetime Guarantee, any manufacturing defect will be rectified free of charge indefinitely, while damage to the garment by accident or normal ‘wear and tear’ can be repaired by our workshop at a reasonable cost. To register a guarantee click here.

We recommend Nikwax® aftercare to maintain all our garments. Please follow the washcare instructions given on your garment.

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XL 86 34 111 44

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