A versatile, durable windproof jacket that combines with the Bentu Fleece to form a waterproof system. Very versatile option for all walking and nature activities.

In Nikwax® Windproof fabric with zoned Pump Liner®, the Bentu Jacket can cut a gale force wind or protect against showers.


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  • PFC*-free water repellent finish
    (*per and polyfluorinated compounds)
  • Fully recyclable through Páramo.

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The Bentu Jacket is for people who enjoy outdoor activities all year.

If you are out walking in summer, you need something breathable to protect you from wind and light showers, without making you overheat. In winter you need more rain resistance and insulation, which normally would require buying an additional winter jacket.

The Bentu Windproof Jacket provides wind and water resistant protection in the warmer months. The same jacket is designed to combine with the Bentu Fleece to form a warm waterproof system for winter.

The Bentu Windproof Jacket has zoned Pump Liner® for greater protection, excellent pocketing, and a design that perfectly complements the Bentu Fleece.

  • Extra rain protection in the areas of highest impact from zoned Pump Liner in the hood and across the shoulders.
  • Safe, secure storage provided by two large chest pockets and two handwarming pockets.
  • Specifically designed to be compatible with the Bentu Fleece. Together these two garments create a versatile Waterproof system.

Nikwax Analogy Windproof FabricNikwax® Windproof cuts windchill and protects your insulation but still provides excellent moisture vapour transfer, allowing your perspiration to escape. The fabric is light but very durable and UV resistant so providing excellent protection in all environments. The use of Analogy Pump Liner in this garment across the hood and shoulders provides excellent watershedding and weather protection.

If you maintain it with Nikwax waterproofing products, it will also deflect the rain. It can be worn alone, or combined with Nikwax Fleece to create a fully directional waterproof system, equivalent to an Analogy waterproof.

Choose a Bentu Windproof for its outstanding versatility …

The Bentu Windproof combines the highly breathable Nikwax® windproof fabric with zoned Pump Liner® for additional head and shoulders protection which extends its usefulness. The combination with the Bentu Fleece allows you to adapt to the widest possible range of conditions and activities. It provides generous pocketing for on the hill use, and allows a full range of movement.

How will my Páramo Windproof with added Analogy Pump Liner® outperform other windproofs?

Your Páramo windproof offers more versatility. It is water-repellent and has a hood, so provides a good level of protection when worn as an outer layer, while offering exceptional breathability. The addition of Pump Liner in the hood and shoulders significantly improves the water-shedding and weatherproof performance. In the worst conditions it can be combined with other Páramo baselayers or midlayers for a higher level of weather protection. Therefore, it can adapt easily to a wide range of conditions.

Páramo windproofs are tough and durable, so suitable to be used in many different environments without damage.

  1. Combines with Bentu Fleece to form a waterproof garment system.
  2. Even when worn alone, the zoned Pump Liner in the hood and across the shoulders provides extra protection in the areas of high impact.
  3. Excellent field of vision and head protection provided by fully adjustable, peaked hood with retainer.
  4. Secure storage from two large chest pockets designed for easy access and both big enough to hold an Ordnance Survey map.
  5. Two zipped hand-warming pockets for additional storage.
  6. Articulation provides excellent freedom of movement.
  7. Cuffs can be easily pushed up and secured for cooling.
  8. Scooped tail with elasticated hem for additional protection to lower back.

What users say...

Outdoor Recommended 2018

“The Bentu has the best design of all the garments tested. The Bentu is longer than most windshells. The hood and pockets are excellent. I like the wide cuffs too as they’re excellent for ventilation and mean the sleeves can be pushed up without difficulty.”

TGO magazine, April 2018

“As a keen Nordic walker and hill climber who gets hot and sweaty as soon as I get moving, most outdoor gear has been uncomfortable. I bought the Bentu Fleece and Windproof Jackets and have found the perfect system. So light and versatile.”

David Probert

“This jacket is one of the most versatile I can imagine. I bought it as a lightweight windproof/ showerproof jacket for general use and have used it for summer walking and cycling. It has kept my top half dry through unexpectedly heavy rain and is now my general everyday jacket as well as being excellent for summer walking, where I want lighter kit. Highly recommended.”


“Lightweight, compact jacket for the many times when you don’t want to wear a full waterproof jacket (short bike ride, the commute to work or walking the dog). The soft material makes it very comfortable and it’s not heavy and stiff like conventional rain jackets. Therefore, it can easily be stuffed into a small backpack. Hood and shoulders are reinforced and waterproof.”

Benedikt, Munich

In what kind of weather conditions can I use a Bentu Jacket?

Used on its own, the windproof, water resistant fabric of the Bentu Jacket with built-in extra head and shoulders protection provides ideal protection against wind and showers from Spring through to Autumn.

In winter or more extreme conditions, the Bentu Jacket will give full waterproof and insulating performance when combined with the Bentu Fleece.

Therefore, this is a very versatile and useful year-round jacket.

Which garments should I use with my Nikwax® Windproof to get optimum performance?

We recommend combining this Windproof garment with the relevant Nikwax Fleece for maximum effectiveness when conditions require. Worn over the appropriate Fleece garment, the combination can keep you dry and warm even in heavy rain, allowing you quickly to increase your protection if conditions deteriorate or for different times of year. The two garments are designed to function well together, with hoods that work in tandem and ventilation that lines up with internal pockets.

This Nikwax Windproof garment can be used over Parameta T+ Cambia, Parameta T Tempro or Parameta G Grid baselayers to protect you from wind-chill and light showers. This is an ideal combination for summer walking or climbing. It’s also great for high exertion winter activities such as trail running or cycling, where your route might take you onto exposed, windy ridges. Parameta G’s raised grid pattern will give you extra insulation under your windproof. Parameta T provides a balance between light insulation and heat dissipation for mid-range temperatures. Parameta T+ is our lightest and coolest wicking baselayer fabric, ideal for warmer conditions where you don’t need significant extra insulation. The fabric will manage any sweat you produce when working hard, rapidly moving it across the fabric for easy evaporation.

For trips when you’re likely to experience extreme cold, our Nikwax Insulator garments are designed to be worn on top of your outer garments. This is great when stopping whether to eat lunch, take some photographs or set up camp.

Páramo clothing does not rely on hazardous PFC treatments for water repellency.

Working closely with Nikwax, we have developed a pioneering PFC-free treatment for our fleeces, waterproofs and windproofs. Recent studies show that PFC’s are persistent in the environment and are damaging to human health; which is why Nikwax waterproofing solutions are water-based, use no harmful solvents or propellant gases, contain no damaging PFC’s and are not tested on animals.
For more information on Páramo and PFC’s click here.

All Páramo garments are covered by our Recycling Scheme, which prevents them from ending up in landfill.

For every item of Páramo clothing you recycle with us, you will receive a voucher of (up to) £50, to use against a future purchase. Click here to find out more about recycling your Páramo...

What if I damage my Páramo clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your garment. If it is seriously damaged, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it repaired. Our Customer Service team can advise you.

What if I damage my Páramo clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your garment. If it is seriously damaged, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it repaired. Our Customer Service team can advise you.

We guarantee everything we make.

Páramo waterproof garments, maintained correctly with Nikwax, will outperform membrane and coating-based waterproof systems. The durable fabrics and high quality components used in our garments contribute to their longevity.

Under the terms of our Lifetime Guarantee, any manufacturing defect will be rectified, free of charge, for the life of the garment. Any damage by accident or normal ‘wear and tear’ can be repaired by our workshop at a reasonable cost.

To register a guarantee with us please click here.

The Bentu Jacket has a generous cut to allow it to fit comfortably over the Bentu Fleece. If you intend to only use this garment without the fleece, we recommend buying one size smaller than the table below suggests.
Size To fit chest up to
  cm in
S 97 38
M 101 40
L 109 43
XL 117 46
XXL 125 49

Páramo Men's EASY FIT Size GuideGarments are specified using metric measurements, therefore the metric measurements in this chart are the most accurate. Imperial equivalents are rounded to the nearest half number.


Measurements relate to the body rather than garment measurements.

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