Highly technical, durable and directional waterproof jacket for high mountain activities such as climbing or mountaineering.

The Enduro uses the Nikwax Analogy® Waterproof fabric system for excellent weather protection and an improved, technical design for great functionality.


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  • PFC*-free water repellent finish
    (*per and polyfluorinated compounds)
  • Produced in Colombia by MIQUELINA, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. Guaranteed Fair Trade.
  • Fully recyclable through Páramo.

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The Enduro Jacket is for high mountain enthusiasts or professionals, who are outdoors for long periods in varying conditions.

High mountain activities such as climbing, alpinism and snow sports involve moving with exertion across a range of environments for long periods. To remain comfortable, you need efficient moisture and temperature control to minimise changes on the mountain, freedom of movement and good functionality.

The directional Nikwax Analogy® Waterproof fabric gives dry comfort, with stretch panels for unrestricted movement. It offers excellent temperature control, a helmet and harness-compatible design, and a great choice of pockets. A new, improved fit offers even better comfort on the mountain.

The Enduro Jacket has an improved athletic fit, great ventilation and technical features.
  • Less bulk and a streamlined design in a new, improved athletic fit.
  • Excellent temperature control without water ingress thanks to effective ventilation.
  • High mountain functionality provided by a helmet- and harness-friendly design and a great choice of pockets.

Nikwax Analogy Waterproof fabric is more than just breathable, it is directional.

Nikwax Analogy Waterproof FabricThis means it is capable of moving liquid water away from your body and not just water vapour.

It is essential to avoid a build-up of water in your clothing system when you are working hard, as too much retained moisture will lead to your body rapidly chilling when you stop and rest.

In conventional clothing systems, approximately 20% of sweat production is dealt with effectively, leaving the remaining 80% trapped inside.

Nikwax Analogy garments are unique, in that they pump out this 80% of liquid water and allow it to drain away; you are left feeling dry and comfortable.

To understand the difference between directionality and breathability, you can read more here.

Choose the Enduro Jacket because of its moisture control and technical design...

The athletic fit Enduro Jacket uses the Nikwax Analogy® Waterproof System with stretch panels for unrestricted freedom of movement. An effective ventilation system that minimises water ingress enables effective temperature control during high energy activities in wet weather. A helmet- and harness compatible design and useful pockets provide optimum performance without distractions on the mountain.

How will your Páramo® garment outperform breathable membranes?

Nikwax Analogy fabrics are not only extremely breathable, they are directional too. This means that water, both liquid and vapour, is directed outwards, ensuring your insulation remains protected.

Although breathable membranes allow moisture vapour to pass through them, they do nothing to transport liquid water. Therefore, when the production of sweat exceeds the Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate, or when the external temperatures drop, condensation (the change of water from vapour to liquid) will build up in breathable membranes.

Nikwax Analogy is so durable you could puncture a Páramo waterproof with pins, remove them, and still stay dry in the rain! Unlike coated or membrane-based garments, our directional clothing can be easily repaired, without compromising future performance.

  1. Helmet-friendly hood with large peak offers vertical and horizontal adjustment to optimise vision.
  2. 180° shoulder/ arm articulation and stretch panels in shoulders, sleeves and sides for unrestricted movement.
  3. Generous arm vents can remain open in the wet without water ingress.
  4. Practical, glove-friendly pockets:
    • Two large, harness-friendly handwarming/storage pockets in torso.
    • Secure ‘fast access’ chest pocket.
    • Ski pass pocket on left upper arm.
    • Large external working pocket for map storage.
    • Secure, internal pocket on chest for valuables.
  5. Eco FreemagicTM cuff closure repels snow.
  6. Reinforced back panel for enhanced comfort and protection when wearing a rucksack.
  7. 2” drip skirt and scooped tail for excellent weather protection.
  8. Reflective piping front and rear.

What users say...

"I’ve an Enduro waterproof jacket, and it’s near perfect. Thank you for all the effort and thought you put into it. I’m away up in the cairngorms with my wife and two year old daughter. And carrying her a lot in a rucksack child carrier. I’d have had a horrid time with something less flexible, less comfortable, less quiet(!) with poorer ventilation than this coat. No regrets over the money. Thank you for making it. It even looks good for a post walk pint!!"

Simon Laing

''The Enduro seems to occupy my Goldilocks zone for brisk exercise in cold conditions, not too hot and not too cold and never seems to get damp with sweat like some of my other kit.''

Gerry McGarry

''We sometimes envy dogs with their fur coat, which is highly effective all year round, but I now realise that Páramo is a bit like the human equivalent, rain or shine it’s so versatile. The Enduro Jacket is as good at -15 degC on the ski slopes of Tignes as in the wind and rain of the New Forest. As a self-employed outdoor pursuits instructor, I’m out in all weathers and look for versatility in my kit. It has to take me from sea level to 6000m, from Morocco to Mongolia, and from the dry cold of Finland to the UK’s maritime air mass. It’s also got to cope with a range of activity levels. Chasing up and down hills after a crazy Springer Spaniel Search Dog is very different to standing around in the wind and the rain waiting for my DofE group to appear from the gloom, yet across all of these environments and climates, Páramo delivers.''

Bug Wrightson - Outdoor Pursuits Instructor and volunteer Dog Handler, Hampshire Search and Rescue Dogs

“Arguably the best Páramo waterproof shell ever!”

Outdoors Magic, March 2017.

Read the full review here.

“My first impression whilst walking into Observatory Ridge on Ben Nevis in the Enduro Jacket was how well the discreet venting combined with mesh pockets for effective cooling. Long reaches to start up slabs failed to expose my wrists or waist and the lack of bulk around the chest made progression to steeper ice easy, with an unobstructed view of my feet, even with map and gloves in pockets. Since then I’ve logged nearly 200 days climbing, sliding, cycling, etc and the jacket fit is such that I hardly notice I’m wearing it. It’s light enough to carry in a pack with planks strapped on.”

Spike Sellers, West Coast Mountain Guide

“I really enjoy wearing the Páramo Enduro Jacket and have used it in a wide range of environments and climatic conditions. It’s such a breathable and well ventilated piece that you can keep it on almost all of the time. It breathes as well as a soft shell but with the added bonus of it being exceptionally weather protective.

A great set of features sets the Enduro Jacket apart as a climbing piece with four season use in mind.”

Sunny Bull, embersurvival.com

The Nikwax Analogy® Fabric System

“Páramo saves the day! Whilst doing Nordic ski training in Norway during April I fell through the ice up to my chest. Struggling to get out, I fell back in again. I was 2 hours from the nearest hut on a plateau and soaking wet in icy winds. I was genuinely worried but was of course wearing my Páramo kit. By the time we skied to the hut 2½ hours later I was dry and warm…I was totally impressed. Nice one Páramo!”

Richard Harpham, Big 5 Kayak

In what kind of weather conditions can I use my Enduro Jacket?

Your Enduro Jacket has been tested to resist at least 4 hours of steady rain; therefore you can use it throughout the year in cold and wet conditions or at high altitude. Because the fabric system offers significant insulation when the ventilation zips are closed, this is not the best garment to deal with very hot conditions. In that case we would recommend a Nikwax® Windproof, perhaps combined with one of our Parameta® T+ baselayers, to optimise breathability and cooling, or with Nikwax® Fleece for full weather protection.

Which garments should I wear with my Nikwax Analogy Waterproof for optimum performance?

We recommend using our Parameta® T+, Parameta T, or Parameta G baselayers underneath your Nikwax Analogy clothing.

The Parameta T+ is a reversible, lightweight and stretchy polyester fabric, which offers two levels of cooling. It is asymmetrical and wicking, directing water from one fabric face to the other, as well as rapidly spreading moisture to speed up evaporation and, therefore, cooling.

Parameta T is a lightweight and stretchy polyester fabric. It wicks effectively to spread perspiration and dry quickly, providing light insulation in cooler conditions. Its soft feel is very comfortable against the skin, even when worn for prolonged periods.

Parameta G directional polyester fabric can provide either cooling or insulation, as needed. Its raised grid pattern traps air for insulation when covered with another layer. However, worn alone, or exposed through a garment vent, it allows air to pass through it and cool you down.

In extremely cold conditions, our Nikwax Analogy Insulator garments can be worn over your waterproof clothing. This is useful when stopping, or setting up camp at the end of the day.

Páramo clothing does not rely on hazardous PFC treatments for water repellency.

Working closely with Nikwax, we have developed a pioneering PFC-free treatment for our fleeces, waterproofs and windproofs. Recent studies show that PFC’s are persistent in the environment and are damaging to human health; which is why Nikwax waterproofing solutions are water-based, use no harmful solvents or propellant gases, contain no damaging PFC’s and are not tested on animals.
For more information on Páramo and PFC’s click here.

This garment is made by the charitable Miquelina Foundation.

Páramo’s ethical manufacturing partnership with the Miquelina Foundation in Bogotá, Colombia, has offered vulnerable women training and employment since 1992. This alliance has benefitted thousands of at-risk women in practical ways, helping them to build houses, and providing a kindergarten and canteen for their children. With Páramo’s support, Miquelina holds ISO 9001 accreditation, which assures dedication to quality. In 2017, Miquelina attained guaranteed Fair Trade status from the World Fair Trade Organisation. Click here for more information.

All Páramo garments are covered by our Recycling Scheme, which prevents them from ending up in landfill. For every item of Páramo clothing you recycle with us, you will receive a voucher of (up to) £50, to use against a future purchase.

Nikwax Analogy fabric systems are uniquely suited to recycling as they avoid the need for mixed materials, membranes or taped seams. Instead, they use 100% polyester, which unlike many materials, can be broken down and reformed into new, high quality fibres. Click here to read more about recycling your Páramo.

What if I damage my Nikwax Analogy Waterproof clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your Páramo gear.

If you seriously damage a garment, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it mended – most damage can be repaired! Our Customer Service team can advise you.

If you have irreparably damaged it, you may want to consider recycling it through the Páramo Recycling Scheme, whereby you will receive a substantial discount off your next purchase.

What if I damage my Nikwax Analogy Waterproof clothing?

Simple repairs can often be done with a needle and thread without compromising the performance of your Páramo gear.

If you seriously damage a garment, you can send it back to Páramo and request a quote for having it mended – most damage can be repaired! Our Customer Service team can advise you.

If you have irreparably damaged it, you may want to consider recycling it through the Páramo Recycling Scheme, whereby you will receive a substantial discount off your next purchase.

We guarantee everything we make.

Páramo waterproof garments, maintained correctly with Nikwax, will outperform membrane and coating-based waterproof systems. The durable fabrics and high quality components used in our garments contribute to their longevity.

Under the terms of our Lifetime Guarantee, any manufacturing defect will be rectified, free of charge, for the life of the garment. Any damage by accident or normal ‘wear and tear’ can be repaired by our workshop at a reasonable cost.

To register a guarantee with us please click here.

Size To fit chest up to
  cm in
S 97 38
M 101 40
L 109 43
XL 117 46
XXL 125 49

Páramo Men's ATHLETIC FIT Size Guide Garments are specified using metric measurements, therefore the metric measurements in this chart are the most accurate. Imperial equivalents are rounded to the nearest half number.


Measurements relate to the body rather than garment measurements.

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