Páramo garments offer significant advantages over other manufacturers’ garments in terms of durability and longevity. Fabrics and components are high quality; designs are classic and timeless, translating function into style.

Páramo waterproofs use fabrics designed NOT to become obsolete. The unique Nikwax Analogy fabric system provides fantastic ultra-breathable and Directional performance, keeping the weather out without recourse to laminates, membranes or taped seams. As a result, there is no element to break down or fail over time. Instead, the waterproofing is renewable indefinitely with water-based Nikwax aftercare products.

Páramo waterproof garments are easily repairable and are not compromised by puncture (you could stick pins all over a Páramo waterproof, take them out and it will still keep the rain out). As a result, many of our original jackets are used daily and still performing equally well after 15+ years.

Individuals who choose Páramo aren’t forfeiting outdoor performance. They get superior garments, with a lifetime guarantee, renowned for long term performance, durability and renewability, chosen by mountain professionals such as rescue teams, outdoor instructors and mountain guides and organisations such as Fix the Fells.

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