Emma Winterbottom’s trip to Creaciones Miquelina

Our Product Developer Emma Winterbottom joined Páramo in 2009 and leads a team that creates intelligent and functional garments for outdoor people. Last month, she visited our Colombian partners at Creaciones Miquelina in Bogotá to gain an even better understanding of how they work, and here she tells us a bit about her trip…

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Introducing the Elliot Brown Kimmeridge Limited Edition Watch for Women

We are excited to announce the arrival of Elliot Brown Women’s Kimmeridge Limited Edition Watches in our Brand Stores! Retailing at £350 – £385, £35 from the sale of each watch is donated to Mountain Rescue England & Wales (MREW).

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Páramo and wild camping

When you are wild camping, your outdoor gear needs to work that extra bit harder for you. For a start, you are carrying on your back everything you need and what clothing you have with you has to keep you warm and dry for the duration of the multi-day trip without weighing you down. Choosing such kit and getting the balance right can be crucial to having an enjoyable adventure – too light and with limited protection from what the fickle British weather can throw at you can mean you are left cold and soggy all night; too heavy and you’ll be struggling under the weight of your load. Ideally you need functional kit that doubles up to give you clothing that performs well across a range of climatic conditions whilst also giving you comfort over an extended period of time. This is because you are often wearing a jacket for example all day, all night and sometimes the day after as well.

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Páramo’s very own Ben Phillips takes on an epic cycle ride through France.

Keen cyclist Ben Phillips has been working with Páramo for over 3 years and this summer, along with a group of friends, he set himself the challenge of a 1,635km cycle ride with over 13,412m of elevation. Read on to find out how Ben prepared for the trip a lifetime, and how he fared…

Ben in his Páramo Enduro Windproof Jacket
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Stay comfortable on safari in top-to-toe Páramo

From travel jackets and shirts to trousers and accessories, Páramo is your go-to outdoor brand for comfortable safari holiday kit. Take advantage of our 15% travel garment discount this summer and you’ll be set for warmer weather – read on for details…

Since the advent of Páramo into my life, the pleasures and comfort of the outdoor world have increased triplefold” Long Distance Walkers Association member
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Introducing Dario Pontonutti, our loyal Supply Chain Administrator

Meet Dario, our delightful and multi-talented Italian Supply Chain Administrator. At 83, Dario is the oldest partner here at Páramo and has been with the company for an impressive 16 years! He is also extremely well-travelled, can speak several languages and met our founder, Nick Brown, at a dinner party. We asked Dario to share some of his story with us…

Dario Pontonutti
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27 Days in the Norwegian Mountains

Geoff Shoults is an all-round outdoor enthusiast and professional photographer. This is his account of an epic 27-day expedition on skis through the harsh, yet breath-taking terrain of the Norwegian mountains and how his Páramo gear allowed him to go further, survive the extreme terrain and do so in comfort.

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Did you know we stock Darn Tough Vermont socks in our Páramo Brand Stores? To celebrate the Ordnance Survey’s National #GetOutsideDay 2023 initiative on Sunday 24th September, we’re giving away a FREE pair to our loyalty card customers with every purchase made over £150. Read on to learn more…

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