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Páramo nominates the Coastal Lagoons Foundation in Uruguay for EOCA funding.

Laguna Garzón – Flamingos (Phoenicopterus chilensis) – © Roberto Güller

Each year, the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) holds two funding rounds to find and choose conservation projects for the association to fund. As a member of EOCA, Páramo is actively involved in finding, choosing and nominating the projects that membership fees are spent on.

However, it is down to the public vote as to whether Páramo’s nomination is successful or not! Read on to find out why you should support Páramo in their nomination of the Coastal Lagoons Foundation, which will benefit from an EOCA grant of €30,000 if it receives enough votes…

Laguna de Rocha

The Coastal Lagoons Foundation promotes the conservation and regeneration of coastal lagoons in Uruguay and their adjacent land and marine protected areas, through environmental education, research and awareness raising.

Laguna de Rocha and Laguna Garzón lie 30km from each other in southeast Uruguay, are Ramsar and Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network sites, and home to several threatened species of mammals and migratory birds. They are threatened by increasing urbanisation, increasing day tourism and littering; clearing of native forest and scrub; poaching; overfishing; impacts from new infrastructure and degradation of sand dunes & sandbars. 

                                                                                                        Laguna de Rocha – © Roberto Güller 

Being out-of-the way areas, official waste disposal systems are inefficient. Plastic pollution is widespread and not only of local origin. Awareness needs to be raised amongst communities and visitors, many of whom consider cleaning beneath them and 100% a state responsibility.

If the public vote is successful EOCA will commit €30,000 to the foundation, which will be used to improve clean up equipment and experience, run more clean up events and hold education and community workshops to develop awareness, ecotourism and stewardship. Guiding and interpretive signage will be installed along improved trails to enhance the visitor’s experience and limit impact on biodiversity; and a pilot project to remove exotic/invasive species as well as a survey of microplastics will be undertaken.

Laguna Garzón cleanup, June 2019

The public vote runs until 21st October.



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