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June, 2016

Switch to Ecotricity and get a £100 discount on Páramo gear


Climate change is an enormous threat to wildlife and human welfare around the world. We’ve switched our electricity supply to Ecotricity to support the growth of clean energy in the UK and help develop new, greener technologies to replace fossil fuels.

Why we’ve awarded Páramo Best Buy status – Tim Hunt, co-editor of Ethical Consumer magazine


It’s rare to find a company like Páramo. We’ve been rating and ranking companies based on their ethics for over 25 years but not many ‘walk the walk’ in the way that Páramo do. Páramo’s ethics are embedded in every part of its business from products that are ‘designed not to become obsolete’ to the socially responsible factories in which garments are produced. That’s why we have awarded Páramo a Best Buy Label for its waterproof jackets and fleeces.